BALİSTİKA® Image Analysis
and Recognition System

When firearms are used, they leave unique characteristic marks on the fired bullet and cartridge cases. By comparing these marks on two different bullets or cartridge cases, it can be determined whether they were fired from the same gun or not. This allows relationships between events to be established.

However, comparison is inherently a challenging process, and as the amount of evidence increases, it becomes increasingly difficult to compare new evidence with existing evidence, prolonging the comparison time. BALİSTİKA® is a product that provides a solution to this problem. With BALİSTİKA®, fired bullet and cartridge cases can be automatically compared, and those fired from the same gun can be identified with high accuracy.

BALİSTİKA®, developed by TÜBİTAK and one of the best ballistic investigation systems in the world, can examine the traces left by weapons on bullets and cartridges cases in 3D. By comparing the obtained 3D evidence images with all the evidence in the database, links between the incidents can be established easily.

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An easy-to-learn user-friendly interface
Distributed architecture
Integrated system that operates on a relational database
High computing power
Obtaining results from 3-dimensional data
Associating bullet and cartridge cases, firearms, and individuals
Ability of ballistic examination across different regions

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Serving in different regions


Evidence can be processed easily


Hit ratio performance


Established matching of evidence contacts

By examining the traces left by firearms on the cartridge cases and bullet cores with BALİSTİKA®, ballistics experts can compare these traces and decide cartridge cases and bullet cores were fired from the same gun. By identifying the weapons involved and the perpetrators, criminal cases can be solved quickly, efficiently, and at a low cost, which plays an important role in the accurate decision-making of experts who assume legal responsibility.


Data Acquisition

Enables the creation of high-quality images through smart software and hardware systems.

Query and Display

Enables the comparison and analysis of created images with previous data.

Evidence Matching

Enables the storage and matching of images, evidence, cases, and individual information through the server unit.